SAF-Teso (Shine Africa Foundation-Teso) is a Faith Based, Non-profit, Human Rights Based Advocacy Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Legally Registered with NGO Board, Ministry of Internal Affairs with REG NO 10050 and was established in 2006 as Shine Africa Ministries (SAM) by a group of indigenous community members who felt compelled to respond to the needs of vulnerable and marginalized people in the local communities particularly those affected by civil war , poverty , Illicit Drugs addiction and Substance abuse.

SAF-Teso main focus is to empower the local people, and create sustainable change through increasing access to incomes and basic health care services, Life Skills, Education, Enhancing opportunities for the reduction in drug supply and demand especially among youth and children, more importantly , promoting treatment ,rehabilitation ,recovery and social integration of the drug and substance users .SAF-Teso Community Empowerment Interventions mainly focus on Capacity Building/Trainings ,Peer Education, and Skills Development Enhancement as a Hub for Employment Opportunities, Self Reliance and Income Generation which will help to address and mitigate both individual and environmental factors of vulnerability, Risks and support Community resilience initiatives through Sustainable Community Led Interventions.

The organization’s core programs include Public Health, Education, Livelihoods, Entrepreneurship, Food Security& Income Generating Projects, Human Rights & Social Justice, Environmental Management & Conservation, (Natural Resources, Environmental education, Afforestation, Waste Disposal and Management, and Renewable Energy). Other support activities where the organisation has been effective are, International Volunteer Cooperation and Placement, Skills Trainings, Research, Advocacy, Sports, Culture, Music, Dance, and Drama.

SAF-Teso is working to empower many underprivileged rural communities facing extremes of hunger, disease, poverty, poor Hygiene and Heath practices, social exclusion, unemployment, severe malnutrition, high burdens of alcohol, illicit Drug addiction, and substance abuse especially in young people, These issues adversely impacts local economic development and is creating social inequalities among the people.

SAF-Teso works to create sustainable change in the lives of disadvantaged people through basic social services that improve likelihood and increase access to social justice system to enhance the response to victims of sexual violence, reduce the likelihood of perpetration of sexual violence, promoting a multi-sectoral approach for reduction in drug supply and Demand, adding voice for Drug Policy formulation at all levels ,promotion for Treatment, Rehabilitation and Social Integration of the drug users, strengthening communities' capacity to create safe environments for women and children ,and enabling platforms for respect and promotion for the enjoyment of the Human Rights and Expression of the Fundamental Freedoms among local citizenry .

We engage in Advocacy for coordination of better public Health systems and Public Safety in order to build effective and practical policies at all levels to ameliorate the enormous burdens, risks and vulnerabilities caused by illicit drug consumption and substance abuse among youth, children and adult populations at the communities and Institutions in the Teso Sub-Region and beyond.

SAF-Teso Advocacy programs ,creates powerful opportunities for the promotion of Human Rights , Participatory Democracy ,Good Goverance , Civic Education and awareness creation to equip the vulnerable people and groups with skills for enhancing their abilities and responsibilities to understand the state obligations, Human Right Defenders work of Building Coalitions and Human Rights forums for increasing access to Justice , Human Rights promotion and protection,the department does Documentation, Investigation, Reporting, Monitoring and Interviewing the various victims of Human Rights Violations and abuses, Human Rights Education and intervention (e.g,accompanying victims to court, medical facilities, police departments, etc.), support services, and related assistance for adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault, family and household members of victims, and those collaterally affected by the sexual assault.

SAF-Teso also hosts international volunteers under our volunteer cooperation initiative, since 2013 to-date SAF-Teso has hosted volunteers coming from the UK, Kenya, USA ,Iraq, France, Canada, Sweden, Germany , Spain, Zimbabwe, and Switzerland.

The above are anchored by the Goal, Vision, Mission and Values of: operating culture based on open and honest dialogue, team-working, collective decision-making, pluralism in society, pursuit of equity - securing rights, creating access and opportunity, and building capabilities necessary to achieve well-being for all people. For more information about SAF-Teso, our achievements, and how you can collaborate with us through volunteer placement opportunities, grants funding. More information about the organisation can be obtained from our website: www.safteso.org; and face book page: safteso

We would welcome your support as a partner to deliver programs and cooperation in the International Volunteer/Interns placement opportunities. We can host any number of volunteers/interns and their families as well. You can write to us about these amazing opportunities for partnership between SAF-Teso and your organisation/Institution and in whatever form you can support SAF-Teso through our emails above.

SAF-Teso location and contacts:
Plot 99 Camp Swahili Soroti-Moroto Road
Northern Division, Soroti Municipality
P.O. Box 684 Soroti Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256 772 844 459 /+256 772 854 991/+ 256-701-929754.
Email: safteso@gmail.com/shineafricaministries@gmail.com