Volunteering at SAF

Shine Africa's main programs are Public Health, Education, Agriculture and Income Generating Activities, Environmental, Human Rights and Social Justice. Please look at are organization summary or the website for more details on specific projects that we are carrying out. Regardless of your background or previous experience, there is flexibility of what project/s you would like to get involved with.
We have identified some areas that you may wish to focus on:
   » Medical/ health – those with some medical training/ background/ interest, to help in rural health centres, hospitals and provide health education to different groups within the community and work with our HIV and malaria projects
   » Education/ teaching – education of our Functional Adult Learning and Life Skills groups. We can also link you to local primary and secondary schools where some of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) we support attend classes
   » Sports – help in setting up and coordinating sport teams/ clubs among our young people
   » Music, Dance and Drama (MDD) – help our peer educators with MDD sessions for both HIV awareness and for general enjoyment
   » Workshops and training – help train our peer educators, staff and community in areas you are knowledgeable in and feel would be beneficial e.g. IT skills, vocational skills, financial and business skills etc
   » Agriculture – help the local communities with their small scale farming
   » Management and administration – this involves helping our staff with the day to day running of the organization and any new improvements you can bring. This includes monitoring and evaluation of projects, marketing, advertising, social networking, legal affairs, website designing, proposal writing and staff training
   » Fund raising – both helping us with local fund raising ideas and larger scale proposal writing, fund mobilization and lobbying
   » Business planning and management.
   » Photography, web designing and graphic design.
   » Human resource management and administrative work.
   » Public health internships/volunteering.
   » Project planning and management volunteering/internships field work.
   » Monitoring and evaluation project work.
   » Micro-finance.
   » Charity work.
   » Community monitoring.
   » Community empowerment.

Some additional internships/volunteering positions required.

   » We also need volunteers /interns who have skills in; accounting/finance management, photography, and website designing, English teaching, math, science, Art and craft teachers.
   » Volunteers with skills like website designing, photography, making short documentary about our projects in slum areas are welcome.
   » Teachers who can teach English (basic conversation) skills to grown up girls and women are welcome,
   » Volunteers who can teach specific skills to women like making artificial jewelry, paper bags, knitting stitching etc are welcome.
   » Medical volunteers who are interested in learning /observing various surgical procedures, shadow doctors in various departments of hospital s are welcome.
   » We have schools where our orphans we are supporting are learning from; also we have community trained peer educators /counselors. We work with women groups, children, youth, widows, elderly and adults.
   » When you come we will give you an opportunity to work with different groups, you will teach children and adults particularly women and girls because we have Functional Adult Literacy Programs for marginalized and vulnerable groups like women and girls who missed their studies as a result of many factors.
   » You will also have an opportunity to perform charity work, Farming, photography, doing both administrative and community work, drama in schools, communities and public places especially with our trained community peer educators. You will have an exciting moment both in schools and communities because we will use drama as a medium for dissemination of information in a number of aspects like HIV.AIDS a awareness and prevention, promotion of Health Be ha vi ours, Human rights etc
   » You will also have an opportunity to conduct sports, art and music promotions. We have sports competitions among women and youth as an avenue of raising awareness about human rights and other aspects.
   » We work with so many partners and when you come you will be engaged in both Community and Administrative work, you will work in the entire Teso Sub-region about 9 districts, Eastern Uganda, spending a maximum of 6-8 hours daily.
Our expectations are; by Volunteering with us can give you the opportunity to enhance our organization and the lives of people within the local communities.
   » Also Shine Africa Foundation believes in the ideology that the value of one volunteer, results in the empowerment of many since they help to solve real problems and enrich communities, making a vital contribution to our aims. The organization recognizes its responsibility to arrange its volunteering efficiently and sensitively so that the valuable gift of the volunteer's time is best used to the mutual advantage of all concerned. So these are just a few to mention.
   » You will have a chance to visit schools, communities and Institutions to conduct Research for your studies.
   » Come and "Share your Dreams", with beneficiaries, communities and partners working together with us.
   » Come and Make a Difference in people's lives to bring Holistic Change and Development, no amount of words are equivalent than you coming to display your skills and talents here in the organization.
   » When you are volunteering with us, you are given all tasks to exercise with full responsibility and staff has the zeal and Charisma to work together with volunteers.
   » Our programs trigger a volunteer's spirits and zeal for volunteering and the programs add magma to our Talents and Skills.
We welcome volunteers to get involved with as many areas of our organization as they wish and create individually tailored programs. Your input and ideas are valuable to us and if you have a specific new project in mind or skills you wish to share we can try to cater for this. For those able to do some fund raising activities prior to their stay and would like to see the funds go to a particular cause, please feel free to discuss this with us.
On arrival you will have a day of orientation. This will give you time to get settled, for us to show you around, give you all the information you will need and for you to raise any question or concerns to us.

SAF-Teso location and contacts:
Plot 99 Camp Swahili Soroti-Moroto Road
Northern Division, Soroti Municipality
P.O.Box 684 Soroti Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256 772 844 459 /+256 772 854 991/+ 256-701-929754.
Email: safteso@gmail.com /info@safteso.org, shineafricaministries@gmail.com