Volunteering at SAF

SAF-Teso is a Ugandan registered NGO funded by locals based in Soroti. SAF-Teso depends on international donors funding and private donation from the individuals to survive. An initial deposit of 100$ will ensure your place here, this is to cater for Membership and Application fee. Any other costs for the volunteers are for Airport Pick up, upkeep, transport and personal living needs only.
Our primary reason for this volunteer program is to benefit from skills and ideas. Here are the several options regarding your accommodation and living costs:
There are many different choices regarding accommodation, food and transportation cost that volunteers can choose from and will accordingly affect living costs.
Prices have been given in Ugandan Shillings (shs)
Approximate Exchange Rates:
1$ ~ 2600shs
£1 ~ 4300shs
1- Airport Pick up Costs:
SAF-Teso Policy is to pick volunteers at the airport Entebbe .Transfer from airport (we understand some people maybe be travelling overland from elsewhere in Uganda and neighboring African countries) We ensure that all volunteers are met by one of our staff members if arriving at Entebbe International Airport.
Travel to Soroti options:
   » Special Hire (private taxi)
i. Taxi Kampala/Soroti = 200$ ; by Private Hire on arrival day
ii. Taxi Soroti/Kampala = 200$ ; by Private Hire on Departure day back to airport
iii. Taxi Kampala/Entebbe = 20$ ; by public taxi
   » Bus Kampala to Soroti 15$ by public taxi
   » However, all volunteer are requested to pay 30$ as a cost for airport pickup
The volunteers have the option to stay in a commune volunteer house fully equipped, with beds, tables, gas stove and cooking utensils. You will have your own private bedroom and shared bathroom. This option can take you about 300$ per month with utilities.
The price rank of the guesthouse go from 10 $ up to 30$ a night, all including private bathroom. Tiki Tik Royal guesthouse (lowest range): 15$ Space Net (mid-range):
15$ Soroti Hotel (night range): 30$
OPTION 3: PRIVATE HOUSE: Some long term volunteer may choose to rent their private accommodation but please be awarded that it is extremely difficult to find fully furnished, this is why we recommend it only to the people who stay for several months. It would cost you between 350$-400$ per month.
Host family; this is very open to all volunteers, accommodation is fair, however, we require that volunteers makes some daily contribution of 16$ to cater for accommodation, three meals- food , Breakfast, dinner and utilities daily and a contribution of 480$ per month . TRANSPORT:
Volunteers are expected to pay for their transport for personal or professional purpose. You might spend 100$ per month for transport but this is very approximate depending on how far you will have to work. You can also buy a bicycle for 100$ to get around.
   » Mobile phone – the cheapest and most used means of communication with people here. We recommend you to bring or buy cheaply here an inexpensive unlocked phone in which to put Ugandan simcard. We emphasize that this is essential for your safety and communication.
   » Internet – few places are yet to have Wi-Fi. If you chose to bring a laptop an Orange modem will cost you approx. 30 to 40$. 1GB will cost approx.18$, or you can buy small data packages per use. There are a few internet cafes which charge around 0.4$ per hour.
You should budget for free time, social evenings, leisure activities and weekend trips. Most things in Uganda are inexpensive. (A beer costs 3000shs!)
The safety and well-being of our volunteers is our priority and we work to ensure that this is the case for the duration of your stay with us. We ensure you are escorted by a member of staff when necessary, that you are informed of all the relevant safety issues within the town and that wherever you are staying there is appropriate security. Your belongings are your own responsibly. We ask that on your behalf you also take responsibility for you own safety by following our advice and guidance. Soroti Town and the surrounding region generally safe and you should encounter no problems if you are sensible. On arrival you will be allocated a specific person who will act as an informal mentor should you have any concerns, issues or problems you wish to raise. We hope that this information has been useful and has inspired you to volunteer with our organization; we would love to have you! Please fill out the Volunteer Questionnaire so that we can get to know more about you and hopefully we can start to plan your stay. More details are available to those wishing to volunteer.

SAF-Teso location and contacts:
Plot 99 Camp Swahili Soroti-Moroto Road
Northern Division, Soroti Municipality
P.O.Box 684 Soroti Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256 772 844 459 /+256 772 854 991/+ 256-701-929754.
Email: safteso@gmail.com /info@safteso.org, shineafricaministries@gmail.com