Our Work at SAF

Public Health Program:

SAF-Teso Public Health Program encompasses three key aspects namely: Humans, Environment and Medicine/Drugs.

HIV/AIDS Community Based Care Project.
(“Holistic Support and Mitigation of HIV/AIDS Initiative Project.”)
SAF-Teso’s community based activities:
» HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention – sensitization through peer educators and social mobilisation;
» HIV/AIDS Education and Prevention in order to build awareness and Behaviour Change Capacity in the Communities, Soroti and Serere Districts;
» Home visits to people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) to provide counselling, nursing care, ART referral and promotion of hygiene and sanitation.
» We have formed and supported over 20 groups, mainly made up of those living positively with HIV/AIDS. Links have been made to our Livelihoods and Income Generating Activities Program to provide support for OVC and PHA’s well-being and finances;
» Peer education through music, dance and drama (MDD) groups to decrease stigma and enhance HIV awareness, empathy and unity within small communities.
» Reduce spread of HIV/AIDS through sensitization to change lifestyle and behaviour choices;
» Condom distribution by peer educators;
» Assist PLWHAS and their Households with Income Generation;
Train Community Peer Educators/Counsellors/Community Volunteers and Purchase bicycles for Community Peer Educators;
Partnership Activities:
We link our services with organizations including AIC, TASO, Uganda Cares, Health Need Uganda (Soroti branch) and Soroti Regional Referral Hospital for:
» services of Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT),
» anti-retroviral therapy (ART) referrals,
» treatment and continuum of care Prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT)
» Human and financial resource mobilization
» Legal and human rights advocacy for vulnerable HIV groups
» Condom supply
Community Led Interventions Project for Promoting Sustainable Drug Prevention Initiatives (CLIP).

SAF-Teso is the leading local Organisation promoting the voice of drug use and Substance Prevention in the Teso Sub-Region and beyond. We Network with partners to reach out to Children, Young People, and Universal Populations so that our synergies deliver effective prevention programs. The Project will promote and offer Prevention, Education, Treatment, Recovery and Reintegration services for the universal populations and drug users. SAF-Teso promotes Community Led Interventions, Advocacy and Public Education Awareness on Drug Prevention with special focus on children.

The theory change for this project will provide 5 P’s: Prevention, Provision, Promotion, Prosecution and Partnership& Participation. These project developed will provide a comprehensive plan addressing education (Awareness), healthcare (treatment + Counselling), social welfare (outreach programs, health camps) and Law & Enforcement (Police) needs to be brought together under the Government initiative so as to address all the aspects of Illicit Drugs use and Substance abuse, drug addiction in young people/youth (Children) and adult populations’ which has resulted in to many social, Health and Economic associated burdens and problems and have led to many incidences of Human Rights abuses , domestic violence, Gender Based Violence and sexuality violence in the Teso Sub-Region and beyond.

The ultimate Goal of this project is to Build and strengthen Community Led Initiatives and Resilience for Enhancing Ordinary Citizenry Voice, Accountability and Effective Advocacy and Activism for Prevention and Supply Reduction of Illicit Drugs for use and Substance abuse among Children, Teenagers, Adolescents and Universal Populations in the Teso Sub-Region and beyond.

SAF-Teso will undertake to promote and create awareness to the universal populations that illicit drug consumption is costly to both the user and Government (State), major cause of accidents, dissocial behaviours, Unemployment, academic failure and school dropout, crime, Domestic Violence, Mental illness, Low life Satisfaction, Lost Opportunity and Reduced Productivity, and other Health, Social and Economic Risks and problems associated with drug use and substance abuse.

SAF-Teso promotes stakeholder meetings, partners breakfast meetings, sub-regional and national advocacy and activism for supply and demand reduction, we popularise existing local, national, regional and International legislative drug policies, UNGASS, UNODC and other National, Regional and International Mechanisms.

In order to prevent and curb down the growing menace of illicit drug use and substance abuse among young people, SAF-Teso will use one theory of Change “Prevent ,Don’t Promote,” through conducting multi-sectoral stakeholders social and Public Advocacy Campaigns , Public Education and Sensitizations of grassroot, urban and peri-urban communities within Teso sub-region and beyond. SAF-Teso promotes community based strategies to reach the large populations and Institutions (we target communities, families, schools, work places, more focus on Children and Youth), awareness education in all the grass root communities and families will help to empower rural holds in the protection and prevention of drug use and substance abuse among young people.
SAF-Teso promotes information, knowledge and skills about effective policy and practice, access to the services, news, research, resources and events. SAF-Teso together with partners undertake raising awareness about preventing drug use through

Drug supply reduction:
We focus on reducing the supply of drugs by engaging those who cultivate and provide the drugs. SAF-Teso whistle blows information to the police department in charge Narcotics and Drug Trafficking.
Drug demand reduction:
SAF-Teso pushes for the reduction of demand through various education and prevention strategies aimed at making the potential user less likely to use or become involved with problematic, harmful or illegal drug use.
Rehabilitation, Recovery and Social Integration:
SAF-Teso plays a central and pivotal role of linking the drug users and substance abusers to the service providers to help them with comprehensive support services the drug users are helped and reintegrated to their communities.
SAF-Teso empowers the children and youth to know the importance of drug prevention and positive youth Development, we encourage them to keep off the streets and prevent them from being attracted to a lifestyle that involves alcohol and drug misuse and gang activity.
The project aims to encourage and empower children and youth to be the agents of change within their social environment.

SAF-Teso works in partnership with CSOs ,Private Organisations and Government Institutions that offer comprehensive services to the drug users and consumers , the services we provide focus on Demand and Supply Reduction of drugs, together with our partners we are able to offer prevention Treatment, Psycho-Social Therapy/Counselling services, Care, Support, Recovery & Rehabilitation services to the drug users and substance abusers/drug addiction mainly in youth , young people/children and universal population.

SAF-Teso will promote public private partnerships with law enforcement agencies(Police and Judiciary) to ensure that the perpetrators who commit domestic violence and murders on women and children after consuming illicit drugs do not escape the law and victims are given justice, SAF-Teso, will work closely with the police departments at the sub-counties and parishes and Local councils to ensure that those who commit horrendous acts of violence against women and children are brought to justice and child marriage and child pregnancies are mitigated in the Teso sub-region.

SAF-Teso with partners, local governments will promote community advocacy campaigns, focus groups discussions, community dialogue meetings to empower the masses to stand up for children’s and women’s rights, eliminate drug and substance abuse among children and young people. SAF-Teso will hold community campaigns to raise awareness of children’s and women’s rights and conducts research to generate data which will be used as basis for implementation. SAF-Teso will work together with partners to increase knowledge, engagement, and participation the schools, landing sites and public places about urgent need to end illicit drug use and substance abuse among adult populations and young people which has led them to commit Violence against women and children.
Through this project, SAF-Teso will involve the Young people, parents and families, Adolescents, prevention practitioners, policy makers and public to prevent drug use and substance abuse because it impacts negatively to the social health and economic progress of the individuals, State and communities
SAF-Teso will promote the opportunities to incubate and pilot new ideas for increasing access to information on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse among young people/Children, and Universal Populations.
SAF-Teso will put information on both electronic and hard copy of Images, Graphics and Videos of Young People/Teenagers who by and large are engaged in alcohol and drug consumption especially in the most rural parts in the Teso Sub-Region.
SAF-Teso will promote evidence-based discussions, having a slide presentation with documentary, photographic and video recordings for youth and children who are consuming these illicit drugs, alcohol and other poisons chemicals and pictures of gardens in the grassroot communities used for planting these illicit drugs.
SAF-Teso for over five years as been having anti drugs and alcohol community campaigns’, preventing drug and alcohol use among teenagers, we will be sharing with the communities True Life Stories (Testimonies) of Parents, Relatives and Communities in the Teso Sub-Region who have badly been injured by this vice of drug addiction.
SAF-Teso will promote the Illicit Drug and alcohol Prevention activities to among schools, parents, families, churches sports clubs, university, carry out media campaigns, Community awareness, Advocacy on drug policy, net work to link users in to Rehabilitation services, treatments, re-socialization, self-support groups, Forum on family, next of kin support, Fundraising, HIV, hepatitis prevention activies among others.

Dissemination and sharing of Information:
SAF-Teso will target to reach diverse audiences using effective communication mechanisms, Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Case and policy advocacy, media and press work, and capacity building missions to share the theory of change, focus on building and strengthening partnerships to reduce the vice and cult in the Teso Sub-Region and Uganda at large.
We will promote Risk factors locally here in the Teso Sub-Region (Early Aggressive Behaviour, lack of Parental Supervision/Family Bonding between Parents and Children, Substance Abuse, Drug Availability and Poverty!) us being among the key drivers of drug promoters rather than preventers.

The Information about Drug and Alcohol use among young people will be published on SAF-Teso web-sites, newsletters, media releases, videos, feedback surveys. I plan to make tours and outreaches to the following Human Rights and Democracy Organisations; Centre for Constitutional Rights, Citizens Justice Association, Rights, Office, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Commission on Human Rights ,International Criminal Court, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, UNESCO, United Nations Parliamentary Assembly about the current Situation in Uganda today particularly in the Teso Sub-Region which has got engulfed in Drug and Alcohol abuse, many people ,youth and Children are consuming these illicit substances’ and chemicals as a result of Poverty, unemployment among youth and low incomes among many grassroot communities .

Yes, SAF-Teso being a Human Rights Advocacy Organisation, will continue with it is core objective of increasing net working systems in the fight against drug abuse in the region and country at large, promoting civic education in the community and schools about dangers of illicit drugs consumption among youth, children and even among the adults, Increase radio talk shows and community leaders’ engagement on the fight against drug abuse.

SAF-Teso will empower the large segments of the grassroot and urban communities’, increase net working with schools and information sharing, design, print and publish information education materials (posters, spot messages, Radio Jingles and Drama series).

SAF-Teso will hold quarterly consultative meetings with various stakeholders, hold sub-regional, regional and national campaigns on alcohol and drug Prevention, hold quarterly mass media campaigns to prevent illicit drug use among the youth and children, SAF-Teso will conduct monthly Community Awareness/Mobilization.

SAF-Teso will lead campaign to become a model organisation in the entire country to develop a Communication Centre/Platform and a hub for Developing and disseminating information through forming community networks, and alliances within and out of the region

SAF-Teso will lead Public Advocacy campaigns’ with relevant stake holders such as the security and community representatives to improve the adjudication of cases related to illicit drug consumption. SAF-Teso will submit requests and proposals to secure funding to be able to participate in world forums against drug abuse and other events aimed at curbing drug abuse.

SAF-Teso will use available locally generated resources and secured grants to hold mass community civic education campaigns on the health effects of drug abuse and measures to curb the vice. SAF-Teso will train and increase the capacity of the security organs, community leaders and the business community to reduce the habit of drug abuse and investigate on the source and suppliers to vulnerable children and the youth. Engage the victims in rehabilitation process and introduction of entrepreneurship programs as an immediate solution to the victims. Alternative to violence approach will also be used to bring the ardent/addicted youth.

SAF-Teso will organise and conduct so many skills based conferences , Seminars ,trainings and workshops in Alcohol and Drug Prevention, Democracy and Social Accountability and Transparency and Human Rights Promotion among the different stakeholders i.e. parents, boys, girls, schools, communities, duty bearers like the LCs, Police, Judiciary and any other law enforcement officers in preventing ,GBV/DV , sexual violence and Child abuse and Neglect.

SAF-Teso in all her work plans and budgets will incorporate Drug and alcohol Prevention in, similarly, we will engage local Governments (Parishes and Sub-Counties to incorporate Drug and Alcohol Prevention programmes in their quarterly and annual work plans and Budgets. SAF-Teso will help to empower grassroot women and girls to demand for their right to protection against human rights abuse
Through this project, the knowledge and skills learnt for will be used for improving the coordination and effectiveness with partners fighting against drug abuse in the country and the region, Educating parents and other care givers, teachers, coaches, clergy, health professionals, and business and community leaders to help youth reject illegal drugs and underage alcohol and tobacco use, Creating partnerships with the media, entertainment industry, and professional sports organizations to avoid the glamorization, condoning, or normalization of illegal drugs and the use of alcohol and tobacco by youth, Advocating and promote community by-laws and policies against use of drugs by the youth in school, workplace, and community, Encouraging and assist the development of community coalitions and programs in preventing drug abuse and underage alcohol and tobacco use, Pursuing a vigorous advertising and public communications program dealing with the dangers of illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco use by youth.

Partnership and Participation.
SAF-Teso will strengthen community based organizations, schools clubs, women leaders, youth associations, children’s clubs, local resident staffs, local leaders, the police, teachers and all stakeholders at local, national, regional and International levels to prevent, Don’t Promote Initiatives. Many developing countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, such as Uganda, are faced with icebergs of pervasive and plaques of young people consuming illicit drugs and alcohol and in Teso many have been abandoned and such children are sleeping in the streets of town and all upcoming urban centres

They call them Street Children and they spend all their life consuming illicit drugs and alcohol, they are faced with Hunger, high disease burdens, extreme and crippling poverty, poor hygiene and healthy practices, social exclusion, systemic deprivation, unemployment , severe malnutrition, inadequate skills.

The Local Governments in Uganda are faced with a strand of weaknesses to design an appropriate Projects /Programs and poverty reduction strategies and these has contributed many children and young people to consume Illicit Drugs. All the above have curtailed the development of empowerment programs to rehabilitate the young people in the Teso Sub-region in Uganda at large. It’s my strong desire that for the realization of sustainable Prevention and Empowerment programs targeting young people, Illicit Consumption of Drugs and Alcohol by Young People and Children globally should be treated as “extremism,” “terrorism” and must be fought and condemned by all.

To spur this crusade to ensure an end to illicit use of drugs and alcohol in young people and children, we must all blossom and engage young people and children in economic growth, small scale farming, micro-credit services, and entrepreneurship and skills development projects and programs and all Must Act to end Child abuse and Neglect because this exposes and forces them to commit horrendous acts to survive, they become "brainwashed and indoctrinated.”

As a Human Rights Defender Teso Sub-Region, Social Worker, Social Activists, National Trainer of Trainees for Democracy and Good Governance and National Trainer for VAS+D Supplements, also working in Serere District Local Government as a Senior Assistant Secretary/Sub-County Chief Atiira Lower Local Government and representing SAF-Teso, a member of WFAD ,I will be able to continue with Public Advocacy Campaigns ,runs and jogs with different stakeholders and partnerships with local governments to draw bi-laws and ordnances for illicit drug and alcohol prevention .

Through SAF-Teso Human Rights and Social Justice Programs , we will be able to train and mentor Youth, women and local citizenry to be effective advocates, Human Rights Defenders, change agents, peace brigades, Community Barometers, whistle blowers , amplifiers, and monitors of Drug ,Alcohol and Substance abuse ,SAF-Teso will involve various stakeholders ,grassroot CSOs for widening Space for ending drug and alcohol consumption among young people ,different Communication strategies, Drug education /Public Advocacy will be used disseminate and reach wide segments of the society.

SAF-Teso will continue supporting, strengthening and empowering grassroot CSOs and young people to stop taking illicit drugs and alcohol because these are a threat to their lives. The situation is worse for children and most households in the Teso Sub-Region are living in extreme poverty and all these are abuses linked to the social norms and inequalities as drivers! There are several factors which continue to hinder effective implementation of laws and policies to promote alcohol and drug prevention among them are; inadequate resources, low capacity, and motivation of duty bearers (police, judiciary and Civil Society Organizations) on preventing and responding to child abuse, child marriage, early pregnancies violence against women and children.
At the community levels at the grass roots, there are weak systematic reporting and referral mechanisms which means children, caregivers and communities might be reluctant to report incidents that happen There is limited awareness among children, community members and even duty bearers on children's rights, their roles in child protection as well as on the negative impacts of child marriage, and early pregnancy. Regarding teen pregnancies and reproductive health rights, there are access and utilisation challenges for young people.
There is therefore need for an integrated project to stop child sexual abuse by all stakeholders for an effective collective voice to address gaps in prevention, promotion and prosecution related intervention strategies. The Research and baseline data records have shown that Domestic Violence, Gender Based Violence and Sexual Violence on women and children are major drivers contributing too many young people today in the Teso taking illicit Drugs and alcohol. Secondly young people are engaged in chronic drug and alcohol consumption because of the Poverty and unemployment.

SAF-Teso will publish and promote the information for the prevention campaigns, using the various Communication tools, Research and outreach, publications of information on print and Social Networks, Supporting Youth and Women driven-Citizens’ Forums of drug and alcohol consumption prevention campaigns ,Community Barazas, debates, Dialogues, Civic Education, trainings, Media and Public Advocacy, organizing Local events, workshops, and conferences , Networking and provision of materials and knowledge for skills in areas of demand-side driven Drug Prevention campaigns .

The approach of SAF-Teso for this project will eventually lead to engagement of various actors and Empowerment of Grassroot CSO’s ,Coalitions, Alliances and Community Networks established for illicit Drug prevention ,Human Rights, Good Governance and Pro-Democracy Advocacy clubs in the schools to act as models and a stimulus for sustaining Democracy in action and attainment of Sustainable Equitable Development.

SAF-Teso Human Rights and Social Justice program will help in forming Community Networks ,Coalitions and Alliances for Empowering Ordinary Citizens to Advocate and end Human Rights Violations and abuses , illicit alcohol and drug use especially among young people and children, Corruption and Extreme Inequalities and other forms of Vices tearing the Fabric of Service Delivery.“Strengthening Grassroot CSOs Coalitions for Expanding Democratic Governance and Enhancing Multi-stakeholders Advocacy Engagement for Human Rights Activism” will be cornerstones for curbing illicit drug use in youth and children.
The conferences and future tours if given an opportunity will be of benefit to me, SAF-Teso, network partners and Uganda as large follows: building partnerships as a cornerstone for cooperation to share values, aims and policies. Education and awareness , Campaigning and Lobbying for direct assistance to support SAF-Teso Human Rights and Good Governance activities ,building knowledge and learning , collecting accurate information about Human Rights and Democracy practices in the world , strengthen research skills , education, stimulate public information on international legal frame works, and advocacy engagements with global community and fostering cross cultural understanding and solidarity and to inform diverse audiences on Human Rights issues in Uganda.
These tours will provide opportunities for me to share best practices and deepen relationships with national and regional actors because I will engage in case and policy advocacy, media and press work, and capacity building missions while in the International Symposiums’

Summary of Partnership Activities:
» Social and Public Advocacy
» Research, Data Collection, Assessments for Policy Advocacy
» Joint Press production
» Linkage Collaboration
» After care Service
» Human Rights Defending
» Public Education Awareness
» Proborno /Legal aid services
» Trial inspections and Monitoring
» Child Rights Protection Advocacy
» Referrals
» Economic Empowerment Initiatives
» Publicity on both Print, Social and Electronic Media
» Net working, Lobbying and Resource Mobilisation
» Trainings/Capacity Building /Skills Enhancement targeting universal populations
» Conferences, workshops, and International Missions
» Community outreaches
» Peer Education;
» Vocational Skills Education Sponsorships/Bursaries/Sponsorships
» Treatment, Rehabilitation, Recovery and Social Integration
» Health Education/Mental and Reproductive Health Education
» Talent/Art and Skills Development among young people and Children
» International Volunteer Placement and Cooperation
» Ministry/In church Ministry Outreaches
Malaria Community Based Care Project

SAF-Teso’s community based activities:
» Awareness on the utilization of long lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs)
» Behaviour change communication through dialogue sessions to improve preventative behaviour
» Community outreach by Village Health Teams (VHTs) to carry out social mobilization for pregnant mothers and carers of children less than 5 years of age.

Partnership Activities:
The District Health Offices of Soroti and Serere provide Malaria surveillance, monitoring and support supervision of VHTs and training for them to carry out distribution of long lasting insecticidal nets, diagnosis and treatment and if necessary referral to local health centres or Soroti Regional Referral.
Reproductive Health Project.

SAF-Teso’s community based activities:
» Family planning education, awareness and referral.
» Health Education promotion on SRHR/HIV Prevention SAF-Teso is promoting Health Education in the rural communities and six pilot model schools in Soroti and Serere districts targeting both young people in schools and out of school to enable them acquire information and forming attitudes, beliefs and values about identity, relationships and intimacy

Key outputs/Result areas/Activities to be conducted under Health Education:
» Health Rights Promotion;
» Life Planning Skills Promotion;
» IEC Material production and distribution;
» HIV/AIDS Prevention in schools and Communities;
» Pregnancy Prevention in young girls;
» Sexuality and Relationship Education;
» Family life Education;
» Reproductive Health Education;
» Abstinence programs in young people;
» Behaviour change promotion and;
» Music Dance and Drama Shows in schools and Communities
» Social mobilisation for pregnant women to attend antenatal care and deliver at the health facilities;
» Enhancing youth friendly services for adolescent reproductive health and education for responsible sexual behaviour through links with our Life Planning Skills Project.
» Alternative ways of passing information on family planning, promoting couple communication and condom use through MDD and peer educators.

Partnership Activities:
» Work with District Health Officers and small community health centres to provide information, education and communication through radio talk shows, spot messages and materials
» Family planning clinics within health centres – contraceptive advice and provision
» Referral of pregnant women to maternity units within health centres such as Soroti Regional Referral Hospital, local community health centres and TESO Safe Motherhood
» Prevention of mother to child transmission through prophylaxis for HIV positive mothers provided by maternity health centres

Community Health Insurance Project SAF-Teso is the only organisation in the Eastern Region and Teso-Sub-Region promoting the concept of Community Health Insurance Schemes. Since 2009 to-date, SAF-Teso has carried out capacity building programs on CHI’s; we have integrated and mainstreamed this new pilot concept in to our core programs. The Prefeasibility and feasibility studies have been conducted and sub-region is ready to implement this program, except the delay is attributed to financial constraints .SAF-Teso’s community based activities:
» Sensitization of communities in the Teso sub region about this Ministry of Health initiated pilot program.
» Determination of benefit packages/premium benefits
» Organizing and holding stakeholders meetings and workshops
» Identifying service providers
Partnership Activities:
» Working together with the Ministry of Health (MOH), Uganda Community Based Health Financing Association, promoter of organisations, health facilities and staff in order to carry out the prefeasibility study and feasibility study
» Mid-term evaluation, support supervision, training, research and monitoring when the program becomes active

Water and Sanitation Project.
School and Community WASH Promotion Project.
SAF-Teso's community based activities:
» Supporting communities to plan for proper utilization of their water points and management
» Dissemination of hygiene and sanitation information by peer educators Reduction in WASH-related diseases among school children and households
» SAF-Teso works with all her partners and different stakeholders to create Behavioural change: through CLTS, training of Community Health Workers, knowledge sharing on health, sanitation and hygiene
» Keep our schools, Communities and Households campaigns rolled out in all our areas of operation
Sustainable Water and Sanitation (WASH) Project This is a new pilot project we are implementing in Gweri Sub-County starting this year 2015. The main aim of the project is to increase the percentage of the population with sustainable access to and use of WASH services in Gweri Sub County. The main objective of the project is to improve the health status of communities by increasing access to potable water sources and reducing the risk of water borne diseases through the provision of clean water and conducting sanitation campaigns
SAF-Teso will train school Children in Hygiene and Sanitation (CHAST) which is an approach used to inculcate the good practices of hygiene and sanitation in children mainly at school so that they become champions in their communities with the result that sustainability will be achieved.
SAF-Teso will promote Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation (PHAST) which is mainly premised on community participation to get all members of the community on board to identify and get solutions to their hygiene and sanitation to ensure acceptable culturally appropriate interventions that will be sustainable well after the project has ended.

SAF-Teso location and contacts:
Plot 99 Camp Swahili Soroti-Moroto Road
Northern Division, Soroti Municipality
P.O. Box 684 Soroti Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256 772 844 459 /+256 772 854 991/+ 256-701-929754.
Email: safteso@gmail.com/shineafricaministries@gmail.com