Our Work at SAF

It is fundamental to Shine Africa Foundation to create sustainable change in our communities by empowering people with initial support to generate a sustainable income. This can empower communities to become more self sufficient in providing education, payment for health care and day to day living costs.
Agricultural and Livestock Project
Agricultural and Livestock Project
SAF-Teso's community based activities:
» Distribution of seedlings and farm inputs (such as goats, pigs and sheep) to selected targeted vulnerable groups (link with support of OVCs and PHAs). We then link them to sellers in local markets to sell their excess produce.
» Group Farming (Demo Gardens) in Schools and Model Communities:
SAF-Teso needs to strengthen this project under Livelihood Program which we started in 2012-2013 by making OVC and HIV/AIDS Groups to plant horticultural crops such as: Egg Plant, Tomatoes, Onion, Cabbages, Carrots and also Beans, Maize and Sorghum.
» The main goal of SAF-Teso under this project is to enhance sufficiency in food production and income levels among OVC and their households. We also want to empower the OVC and guardians to enhance self reliance, improve their nutritional status since many of them are living positively, improve their health and it is our sustainability measure to enable them to pay their own school fees in future and be able to meet other daily needs.
» SAF-Teso is promote this concept of Group farming in schools and communities as way of promoting unity, food security, income promotion and sustainability among OVC and their guardians to be able to pay their own school fees, health care and general living costs
Partnership activities
» Training on effective farming methods, commercialisation, storage of crops, use of animal traction for ploughing and planting by SODIFA.
Village Savings and Loans Project:
The target groups to be supported will be selected among: HIV+ children, HIV+ youth, children heading families (child headed families),Teenage Child mothers (children having children),OVC households, Youth out school, Women Groups/Widows, PLWHAS, Elderly groups, Guardians, Teachers, Men's Associations. Positively Living Groups contribute weekly to a central fund and then co-ordinate small loans, at a mutually agreed interest rate, to the individual members and use the proceeds they gain in order to help the community, especially OVC and the elderly.

SAF-Teso location and contacts:
Plot 99 Camp Swahili Soroti-Moroto Road
Northern Division, Soroti Municipality
P.O. Box 684 Soroti Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256 772 844 459 /+256 772 854 991/+ 256-701-929754.
Email: safteso@gmail.com/shineafricaministries@gmail.com