Our Work at SAF


SAF-Teso is a Human Rights Based Advocacy Organization working with many underprivileged rural communities facing extremes of hunger, disease, poverty, poor hygiene and healthy practices, social exclusion, unemployment and severe malnutrition. These issues adversely impacts local economic development and is creating social inequalities among the people.

SAF-Teso Human Rights and Social Justice Programs helps to promote Human Rights and ensure that HR are respected, protected, promoted and fulfilled. SAF-Teso is working closely with Human Rights Defenders, Human Rights Organisations, CBO's, schools, Community self help groups, and Human Rights Institutions to ensure that all Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms are enjoyed by everyone in the Society.

SAF-Teso thematic Human Rights activities include:
» Human Rights Education (HRE): Human Rights can only be achieved through an informed and continued demand by the people for their protection. The objective of HRE is to prevent and reduce cases related to human rights violations and abuses. SAF-Teso empowers grassroot populations and schools are sensitized and empowered with HRE since it's a public good. SAF-Teso is promoting Human Rights Education clubs in both primary and secondary schools to promote Human Rights Education among young people/youth and children
» Gender Equity and Equality promotion
» Peace Building and Reconciliation
» Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting to determine human rights cases, analysis and evidences/facts based on the principles of Confidentiality, Impartiality and Accuracy
» Capacity building programs to empower Human Rights Defenders on the legal frameworks and mechanisms that ensure their safety and promotion and protection of their rights
» Investigations/Fact findings and feedback.
» Data collection, Research and Baseline surveys (Policy shift).
» Advocacy and Community Dialogues , Public Meetings /Focus group discussions/debates to empower the grassroot populations with knowledge skills and understanding of the promotion of Human Rights and Social fundamental freedoms.
» Media and social network campaigns for human rights promotion
» Community Based Monitoring and Evaluation (CBME) shall be used at community levels for follow-ups and reflection meetings on progress of human rights activities

Shared Partnership Activities:

We refer to and work together with the Human Rights Commission Soroti, Police Force, and Probation Office, Courts of Law, local government administrative units, other stakeholders and health care facilities to provide:
» Advocacy for the rights of vulnerable groups like: , PWD's, PLHIV and OVC
» Legal representation (e.g. for cases of rape, child abuse, gender based violence, sexual violence)
» Conflicts Mitigation mainly associated with Wetlands and Land in Serere and Soroti districts
» Awareness to access to justice, Promoting peace and reconciliation, in grass root communities and schools;
» Capacity building and training in human rights
» Contributing to positive changes to beliefs, attitudes, stereotypes and practices that exacerbate gender based violence and human rights violations.
» Focus on Alcohol, drug and substance abuse prevention mainly in children and youth; promotion of advocacy interventions; HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support; Child Protection ,combating commercial sexual exploitation of children; Prevention, rehabilitation and re-integration of children engaged in worst forms of child labour

Human Rights, Good Governance, Participatory Democracy & Human Rights Defenders Projects
SAF-Teso Advocacy programs ,creates powerful opportunities for the promotion of Human Rights , Participatory Democracy ,Good Goverance , Civic Education and awareness creation to equip the vulnerable people and groups with skills for enhancing their abilities and responsibilities to understand the state obligations, Human Right Defenders work of Building Coalitions and Human Rights forums for increasing access to Justice , Human Rights promotion and protection,the department does Documentation, Investigation, Reporting, Monitoring and Interviewing the various victims of Human Rights Violations and abuses, Human Rights Education and intervention (e.g,accompanying victims to court, medical facilities, police departments, etc.), support services, and related assistance for adult, youth, and child victims of sexual assault, family and household members of victims, and those collaterally affected by the sexual assault.

SAF-Teso being a Human Rights Advocacy based organisations, promotes Community Human Rights Based Approaches, especially in partnership with many stakeholders local, national and International levels we promote:
»Monitoring, reporting ,safety and risk assessment , Advocacy and field outreach;
»Collection and Dissemination of Information about Human Rights Violations and abuses to different partners;
»Conducting specialized trainings on promotion and awareness raising, Multi-stakeholders Advocacy to promote voice, transparency, and accountability in the delivery of public services
» Mentoring Youth, women and local citizenry to be effective advocates, Human Rights Defenders, change agents, peace brigades, Community Barometers, whistle blowers , amplifiers, and monitors of Good Governance, Human Rights activism , Participatory Democracy through increasing awareness ,Communication, Research and outreach, publications of information on print and Social Networks, Supporting Youth and Women driven-Citizens’ Forums , Community Barazas, debates, Dialogues, Civic Education, trainings, Media and Public Advocacy, organizing Local events, workshops, and conferences , Networking and provision of materials and knowledge for skills in areas of demand-side driven governance;
»Advocacy and Activism for promotion of Democracy, Good Governance, Accountability and demanding Voice for grassroot CSOs and rural HRDs at risk to heard at all foras;
»Stakeholders consultative meetings, Events, Workshops and Conferences for Human Rights , Democracy and Good Governance
»Trial observation, supervision and follow up;
»Land conflicts mediation; Conflict resolution, peace and advocacy for rule of law and justice ;
»Documentation of incidences of threats, Violations and abuses, reporting to local, national, regional and International partners for action;
»Capacity building, Human Rights Education (awareness –raising) to strengthen and build capacity of grassroot HRDs and CSOs;
»Civic Education and Citizens Community forum discussions, dialogues and Barazas;
»Awareness –Raising about the existing National, Regional and International Human Rights Treaties, Protocols, Mechanisms and Conventions(UPR,UNGASS,UN Declarations on Human Rights and ALL Relevant International Instruments );
»Publicity of Human Rights Violations and abuses cases and incidences on all print, Electronic and Social Media;
»Publication of information , life stories , testimonies about HRDs ,Women and Children under risks, threats and victims of Domestic Violence, Gender Based Violence and Sexual Violence;
»Linkage for Proborno -free aid legal services to the victims of DV,SV&GBV.

SAF-Teso Human Rights Pilot Projects 1. MY HEALTH FIRST (MHF) PROJECT
My Health First project is a new pilot project aimed at sensitizing the youth and public on the dangers of drug abuse in the community. This project will be one of the projects the organization is using to fight against drug abuse among the Children living and working on the streets of Uganda and targeting other youth engaged in drug abuse. The project is to enrol its activities in eight districts of Teso sub-Region.
The project will hold mass community civic education on the health effects of drug abuse and measures to curb the vice. It will train and increase the capacity of the security organs, community leaders and the business community to reduce the habit of drug abuse and investigate on the source and suppliers to vulnerable children and the youth. Engage the victims in rehabilitation process and introduction of entrepreneurship programs as an immediate solution to the victims. Alternative to violence approach will also be used to bring the ardent/addicted youth and children on Board. Effective health examination will be done by health professionals on children and the youth on drugs during the healing process.
The target group/beneficiaries will be Children and the youth on drugs, security officials, the business community and the church. The project will be piloted in Teso sub-region which has a number of youth without employment and over 200 children living and working on the streets.
The region has undergone a series of turmoil/civil wars in the recent years. The civil wars left a number of families disgruntled, infected with HIV/AIDS and as a result created a long term effect of poverty in the region. The region has been hit by natural disasters from time to time ranging from floods in 2007 and long droughts which often increase food shortage in most families with low income earning forcing people to feed on one meal and day and live below 1 USD per day.
The civil war left many children as orphans and the youth now living on drugs (drug abuse) due to frustrations, peer group influence, drug addiction, child abuse, rejection and among other push and pull factors.
It has been reported that at any given time, there are at least 140 people admitted at Butabika hospital over drug abuse, most of them youth between 18 and 25 years, the hospital acting executive director Dr David Basangwa confirmed this report to the monitor publication.( http://www.monitor.co.ug/News/National/Drug-abuse-rising—experts/-/688334/1895790/-/2vmn9hz/-/index.html).
If this problem is not addressed, it will increase health problems among the victims and increase crimes in the region and country at large.
This project will therefore be implemented jointly with the police and other government organs to fight the vise in the country and create regional networks to ensure a complete reduction of drug abuse in the region. The beneficiaries will be 10.000 children and youth in and out of school and direct victims who live and work on the streets.

To ensure a community free from drug abuse.
(i). Increase access to information on the dangers of drug abuse in Uganda.
(ii). Improve health support to victims of drug abuse.
(iii). Increase net working systems in the fight against drug abuse in the region and country at large.
BENEFICIARIES: Children and Youth living and working on the street and in communities, Security organs and Business community.
The target groups have direct links to the peoples on drug abuse and some are suppliers of the drugs to the teens and the youth engaged in drug abuse.
They are also directly engaged in drug trafficking and they can play a vital role in bringing to the end drug abuse in their areas of Operation.

Objective (i): Increase youth access to information on the dangers of drug abuse in Uganda.
» Increased knowledge on dangers of drug abuse among the youth and the public.
» Increased youth engagement on the fight against drug abuse.
» Reduced crimes as a result of drug influence.
» Productive and responsible youth in the community.
» Improved civic education in the community and schools.
Objective (ii): Provide health support to victims of drug abuse.
» Increased health services to children and the youth in and out of school.
» Healthy and peaceful communities.
» Reduced mental problems due to drug abuse among the teens and the youth on the streets and in the community.
» Improved health conditions of the youth affected by drugs in the communities.
Objective (iii): Increase school participation and net working systems in the fight against drug abuse.
» Improved behavioral change among the children in and out of school.
» Increased school supply of literature on the misuse.
» Increased radio talk shows and community leaders' engagement on the fight against drug abuse.
» Increased net working of schools and information sharing.

Objective i. Increase youth access to information on the dangers of drug abuse in Uganda.
» 9 Consultative meetings successfully conducted.
» 40 security and community trainings on dangers and effects of drug abuse among the youth successfully completed.
» 5000 literature materials on drug abuse prepared and printed.
» 18 radio talk shows on drug abuse conducted.
» 18 police and other security organs trained successfully on drug abuse.
» Training of Drama actors on the fight against drug abuse successfully conducted.
» Production and translation of spot messages in three languages completed.
Objective ii: Provide health support to victims of drug abuse.
» 10,000 children and youth addicted to drug abuse treated successfully.
» Counseling of the youth successfully conducted.
» 5000 youth and children successfully treated and reintegrated into the community.
» Increased information on access to health services among the youth and children on drugs successfully circulated.
» 18 Radio spot messages on drug abuse completed.
Objective iii: Increased school participation and net working systems in the fight against drug abuse.
» Conduct 27 school sensitization trainings against drug abuse.
» 20 Schools net work against drug abuse by 2019.
» 400 literature materials on drug abuse successfully supplied to 20 schools.
» 18 drama activities presented by Schools during public events successfully conducted.
» Increased school retention by 2019.

Objective i. Increase youth access to information on the dangers of drug abuse in Uganda.
Activity for Objective i:
i. Consultative meetings with government security operatives and other government sectors and development actors.
ii. Mobilizing and sensitizing the youth and community on dangers of drug abuse.
iii. Counseling of the youth involved in drug abuse and those on drug addiction.
iv. Conducting health examination and treatment to those on severe drug effect.
v. Conduct 18 Training workshops for security and Local council representatives on drug abuse by 2019.
vi. Monitoring, sharing and learning.

Objective ii: Provide health support to victims of drug abuse.
Activity for Objective ii:
i. Conduct 9 consultative meetings with the police and health personnel.
ii. Facilitate psychosocial therapy to the victims of drug abuse.
iii. Facilitate the transfer cases to referred psychiatric units.
iv. Support thorough medical examination of drug abusers.
v. Trainings on behavioral change and community chain link of youth engagement in health behaviors.

Objective iii: Increase school participation and net working systems in the fight against drug abuse.
Activity for Objective iii:
i. Conduct 27 school sensitization trainings against drug abuse.
ii. Conduct 18 local and national radio programs on community sensitization against drug abuse.
iii. Conduct 40 community engagement and dialogues in the fight against drug abuse.
iv. Prepare information education materials (posters, spot messages and Drama series).
v. Develop information net work within and out of the region with relevant stake holders such as the security and community representatives.
vi. Participate in world forums against drug abuse and other events aimed at curbing drug abuse.

The project will employ the following:
a. Track the progress of the drug abuse victims on counseling and rehabilitation and close monitoring in psychiatric units.
Monitor and evaluate School and community participation and engagement of security officials in the fight against drug abuse.
b. Community mobilisers and leaders shall submit periodic reports on crimes as a result of drug abuse.
c. Develop monthly and quarterly reports. Use of e-mail, Face Book, Skype, Tweeter on information sharing. Therefore, their shall be biannual evaluation done during the implementation of the project.


SAF-Teso works with PWD's, there is Governance Board for PWD's called- Board of Directors Disability Unit, it is mandate is to represent the rights and interests of people with disability, their families ,look at policy issues, promote disability agendas, and reflect on the interests of people with disability. SAF-Teso improves the daily plight of PWD's by promoting Justice, Dignity and Integrity, Disability Rights Advocacy ,Equal Opportunities, Disability Education and Legal Aid, and Accessibility Programs targeting and focusing mainly PWD's in our three pilot districts of Serere, Ngora and Soroti Districts.

Advocacy and awareness campaigns to improve the flight of PWD's, there are serious challenges facing PWD's related to Health, Education, Transport, Socio-Economic Opportunities, Exclusion and Discrimination, Poverty, Low livelihood opportunities, hearing impairments ,marginalization and neglect eg ownership of assets and property like Land among others.

This is one of our youngest initiatives and a huge highlight of our NGOs appreciation of the work out International volunteer friends and students bring to Teso region. A master's research student researching on disabilities and livelihoods propelled our reach to venture into the incredible world of PWDs. Upon the advice and outreach programmes we carried out, we are guided by and so far set up the following;
1. A Disabilities Department that falls under our Human Rights and Social Justice directorate
2. The department is run by PWDs themselves (the head and deputy both have impairments)
3. The research data we collected alongside the researcher for our internal use is informing the applications for funding and partnerships we make.
4. PWDs have spoken, they want us to help them help themselves-none of them is satisfied with receiving for life, they also want to fulfil their livelihood ambitions.
5. Hearing, sight and mobility are the major impairment categories required integrated partnership approaches both for funding and information sharing.


1. Through our international friends' research expertise and our local excellent organisational skills, we have managed to bring a multi-million dollar international organisation, Starkey Foundation to our humble Teso region to assist persons with hearing impairments. The screening was carried out 8-10 March 2015 and our people will benefit from the partnership through treatment, supply of hearing aids and most importantly an endless supply of information from ear care professionals, all for free!! (Information and pictures on our Face book page) 2. SAF-Teso has become a household name in the country and region in particular due to the hearing aids publicity campaign we carried out on all forms of media. 3. Local authorities in the region have expressed interest in supporting our work with all they can so we don't suffer bureaucratic gridlocks in processing any required documents 4. The researcher that helped set up this department is coming back to SAF-Teso to work here. Having graduated with a master in International Development from the prestigious University of Birmingham, we are certain this appointment will increase our scope for knowledge, networks, volunteers and partnerships that we so dearly require since demand for our services is soaring by the day. 5. PWDs feel empowered by being involved in every process through our participatory approaches to project designs 6. We have sourced walking sticks for the visually impaired from the US and will be delivered to beneficiaries in due course.

SAF-Teso has been privileged with successfully working with students and volunteers from Europe and the Americas. The recently concluded study by a Masters student from University of Birmingham on disabilities and livelihoods has equipped our organisations with empirical evidence of what PWDs in our region want done first before any other thing…Inclusion and Equalization of Opportunities in Teso Sub Region. With a successful campaign, the program can be extended to the whole of Uganda as the country has pro PWD legislation and has signed and ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of 2006.

The organisation has renowned networks that can facilitate for easy stakeholders cooperation. Staff in the organisation includes social workers, teachers, counsellors, politicians, peer educators, accountants, and graduates on apprenticeships and international professionals that have become friends with the organisation through volunteering.

Our financial discipline is there for any partner to see as we have an experienced accountant and our records always kept up to SAF-Teso has a philosophy that the initial step in empowering PWDs as our conclusions from just ended research show is that engaging PWD's in to the philosophies on development, human rights and empowerment as well as education, will improve the plight of persons with Disability.

The focus on PWDs obviously unravels and intertwines a number of cross cutting issues and focusing on awareness campaigns where PWDs can showcase their abilities to engage with mainstream life trends can stir life changing change of attitudes among communities.

SAF-Teso engages the community through the segment of their leaders who are involved in a number of interventions and collaborating with SAF-Teso in local participation, forming dialogue PWD's clubs, Decision-making, participation and involvement in the PWD's project proposal designing, Research, Advocacy and Fundraising meetings, and contributing to holistic assistance and cooperation with the locals and beyond on any issues that bring persons with Disabilities out of poverty, resulting to sustainability of this project. Finally PWD's are faced with diseases and illnesses, mental health, vision loss and school exclusion, SAF-Teso, seeks a partner to work closely especially with hearing aids devices.

Starkey Hearing Foundation is in partnership with SAF-Teso to support all categories of PWD's with hearing impairments to get hearing devices. We will work with media and Church Fraternity to promote this hearing aid project.

SAF-Teso location and contacts:
Plot 99 Camp Swahili Soroti-Moroto Road
Northern Division, Soroti Municipality
P.O. Box 684 Soroti Uganda, East Africa
Tel: +256 772 844 459 /+256 772 854 991/+ 256-701-929754.
Email: safteso@gmail.com/shineafricaministries@gmail.com